nail tech program at wright beauty academy. learn acrylic full sets, gel nails, spa services

Nail Tech Program
If you are looking for a quick program that will get you on your way to a great career, this nail tech program may be the answer! In as little as 18 weeks you can gain the skills you need to get licensed and work in a salon or spa, doing gel nails, tips, spa manicures & pedicures, and hot stone.

You'll spend the first 5-8 weeks in the junior room, learning on a practice hand and on classmates, then graduate to the senior floor, where you'll master your new skills, working on your clients, family & friends. 

You'll learn social media tricks, how to run a salon, and what you need to know to be successful in your new career. 

Manicures * Pedicures * Nail Enhancements * Gel, Acrylic, Fiberglass * Shellac
Reflexology * Massage * Spa Services * Hot Stone * Salon Management

manicures, pedicures, gel nails, acrylic full sets, tips. beauty school for nailsYou can call us at 269-964-4016 for more information, or fill out an application and we will contact you! We look forward to having you in our next class.

Program Information
Tuition: $4,800
Kit & Textbooks: $900
Registration Fee: $100
Total Cost to student: $5,800

Textbooks used:
Milady Standard Nail Technology, ISBN 9781285080475 $130
Milady Standard 2012 Exam Review: ISBN 9781285080543  $48

Both are required, and all are included in the Kit and Textbook fee.
Additional cost to student: Black basic clothing, replacement of original equipment lost or broken, $85 application fee, $15 State of Michigan Registration fee, $39 State License fee, $161 PSI testing fee. The institution also will charge $8 per hour for hours remaining on the contract end date.