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Are you a Wright fit?
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Are you a Wright fit?

Wright Beauty Academy is like no other. Really. So will you fit into a program that does things a little differently? Well, here's what sets us apart from the rest. You decide.
At Wright Beauty Academy we welcome all sorts of people. There is no mold that we put the perfect student into. Our students come from all ethnicities; all social backgrounds; all financial backgrounds. Some of our students are still in high school. Some of our students just retired and are looking for something different to do. We encourage self expression: vintage, conservative, ultra modern, inked.
The Wright Beauty Academy staff is as diverse as our students! What we all have in common is a passion for the industry, and we find our bliss when we pass this passion on to our students. We want to teach you everything we know. We've been in the salon, owned salons, worked with distributors, been certified by companies to teach their methods, trained with stars, and can't wait to learn, then teach, the next great thing!
We use Milady's textbooks to teach you the theory you'll need. And you will have to learn a bit of anatomy, a bit of bacteriology, a bit of chemistry... things to keep you and your clients safe. You'll have to learn about the theory behind a pin-curl or a hi-lite or a perfect sculptured nail. BUT from day #1 you will have your hands in a service every single day. We try very hard to keep the "lecture from a book" to under an hour a day. The rest is spent doing what you came to cosmetology school for: hands-on.
In the first 25% of your program you will learn sooooo much, both textbook and hands on. The last 75% will be spent perfecting the basics, expanding your skills, working with the public, and discovering what you love most in this industry. Each day will be different, just like it will be in the salon.
So, are you a Wright fit? Fill out an application, call the school, or just drop in. We're looking forward to meeting you!